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Here is a comprehensive collection of resume examples for various professions. You will find resumes for accounting jobs, office assistant positions, administrative assistants, customer service vacancies, store clerks and cashiers, secretary and paralegal jobs, general employment resumes, marketing resumes, sales representatives resumes, and many others.

Information Technology

We have all the tips, tools and resume examples you need to create a winning Information Technology Resume. Simply choose from one of our field-tested templates, enter your details and start applying today! By using a template you can edit and update it as often as you like and there ‘s no limit to the number of templates you can use.


Looking for a job in sales? Make your hunt a walk in the park by reviewing a variety of Sales Resume Examples. Use our resume builder to create your own professional-looking resume with the click of a button.


Whether you’re searching for your first Marketing job, or looking to create a resume that’ll help you land that next promotion, our resume examples will help you get noticed and get hired. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we’ve seen what it takes to make it in this field. Let us help you to best market yourself by creating the perfect CV!

Accounting and Finance

Whether you’re seeking to build a career in an accounting or finance-related field, or just to improve your own skills, these resume examples will help.


An administrative resume is a great way to highlight your skills and abilities in the field of administration. For job applicants with experience in an industrial sector or another non-administrative setting, it is important to use the resume to demonstrate relevant experience and how this is transferable to an office environment.

Food & Catering

At Hospitality and Catering Resume Examples, we have created a variety of resume examples to meet your needs to help you in the hospitality and catering industry. Whether you are looking for resume samples for servers, hostesses, cooks, managers, or even resumes for spa industry professionals, check out our sample resume templates.

Maintenance and Repair

Looking for an employer who will value your Maintenance and Repair skills? Our free resume samples are tailored to showcase your abilities and hard work. We’ve taken care of the first impression by including a picture of you in your resume, along with references and awards that you’ve received for your past hard work. Each sample is cleaned up and polished so potential employers can instantly get a good vibe about you.


Our fantastic resume examples will help you find your niche, no matter what your situation is. From medical to business to the fine arts and more, we have written hundreds of different types of resumes. When used in conjuction with our powerful resume builder, you’ll have a winning resume in just minutes.


Whether you are looking for a new engineering job or just beginning your professional career, having an impressive resume is essential. Now you can create the perfect engineering resume in minutes with these templates.

Creative and Cultural

These creative and cultural resume examples are the best choice for designers, artists, or anyone who wants to show their portfolio on their resume. Using colors, shapes, and icons to highlight skills and accomplishments these resume examples would be the perfect tool for a creative professional looking to hire.

Social Work

The best resume example for social workers aspiring to join the industry or those candidates looking to revive their career.

Sport and Fitness

If you’re looking for a fitness resume example, chances are that working out and staying healthy is a high priority for you. A health and wellness resume should be able to show employers that you’re in great shape, but you also might want to discuss other skills that climbing or running or swimming have taught you. And if you want to show off your athletic prowess directly, remember to take advantage of the block format and give all the details of your sport and why you love it.

Transport & Logistics

Many people are looking for jobs in the transport industry. To stand out from the crowd, it is important to have a strong resume showing all your experience and training.


Landing a job doesn’t happen by chance. You need to be equipped with the right tools and you need to know how to leverage them. To help you do that, Resume Boilerplate provides easy access to outstanding resume examples that will serve as a perfect guide during the writing process.